Play Date Care is excited to co-host 2022 Christmas Carnival in the Park with Buchadian Art & Music Studio!

In 2022, Play Date Care and BuChaDian Art & Music Studio have hosted many play date events and classes, thank you so much for being part of our growing journey. The Christmas Carnival In The Park will be one of our biggest events for 2022, as we will invite more than 100 families from our community to join us, and we are also excited to have new friends, parents, families, and teachers to come and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with us.

We put our enthusiasm and professionalism into the event planing and execution. Therefore you will not only come to take beautiful family photos with Santa, enjoy some live music, and play silly games with us, but also get connected with each other: teachers, parents, play date hosts and any educational organization resources you find helpful.

Here are the event details, and more will be shared in our private group chat (once you signed up)

About BuChaDian Art & Music Studio:

B.C.D.( an acronym for “Buchadian”) Art and Music Studio is the subsidiary under B.C.D. Edu Group. Located in San Bruno, California. Buchadian, which means “Screen-time free” in Chinese, is a space we have created in response to these realities. 

B.C.D. Edu Group is to empower children through interactive, hands-on learning experiences and kids’ courses designed to help them navigate the world with confidence and joy. They’ll learn how to communicate with each other in constructive and respectful ways while having the support and guidance to unlock their full self-expression through arts, crafts, and music in our revolutionary after-school program.

About Play Date Care:

Play Date Care is a platform to help teachers and parents to start or find hourly mini daycare and play date event/class.

Our mission is to help parents raise capable kids 10X easier.


  • Dec 10th, 2022 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM (Saturday)


  • Burlingame Park (location details will be shared in the chat)

Price (Free admission for kids under 3 years old):

  • Early Bird $8/person
  • Regular Price: $10/person
  • On Site: $20/person

How to attend:

  • Fill out the signup form
  • Join the private event’s group chat
  • Come, enjoy and then we will post event photos in the group chat

Price: $25.00
No payment items has been selected yet

Where do we post our event’s photos?

  • Each event we will create a private Chat Group, and we will post all photos in there. You can pick the ones you like.


  • Please let us know if you do not want to take photos.


  • Looking for hourly mini daycare or drop-in care? Try Play Date Care
  • Are you a teacher and want to start a drop-in daycare? Learn how here


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