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For teachers, early childhood educators, or professional childcare providers who can host drop-in care, or nannyshare service.
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Play Date & Programs

Casual and free local play dates, or creative & fun kids' activities, classes, events or summer camps.

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Transparent service fees: only 5% on your bookings


Play Date

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  • Casual and free meetups
  • Creative kids’ classes
  • Summer Camps

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Only pay for the time when your kid attends



Our community has many great members who are childcare professionals, who can provide nannyshare in your neigborhood.

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What Parent Say

Parenting made easy with Play Date Care

I would totally recommend Play Date Care if you want to start a small in-home mini drop-in care. I have been matched with a few other families in the neighborhood, my little girl become great friends with them, and she could share all her fun toys with her friends in the drop-in care. We truly enjoy hosting Play Date Care!

Patricia L.

Working Mom (Also hosting Play Date Care at home)

I can’t speak highly enough about Play Date Care, my working hours are often late till 10 PM, and Lisha’s Play Date Care (in Sunnyvale) offers great flexibility for us as parents, and she also provides amazing and fun activities during the time when my little one stays at her mini daycare.

Kori M.

Working Mom (Nurse)

As a bi-lingual family, I want to make sure my baby develops language skills in both Chinese and Russian. That’s why we go to 2 Play Date Care in our neighborhood, one is Chinese immersion for 2 hours and another one is Russian immersion for 2 hours. It’s easy to commute and affordable.

Artem G.

New Dad (Startup CEO)

Play Date Care has been a fantastic platform for us, we’ve partnered with many programs events such as Junior Chef Cooking class and Zumbini, they are not just a platform, they provide support from a planning, activities design and many more, we look forward to building a stronger partnership with Play Date Care!


BuChaDian Music & Art Studio

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